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Choose wisely how you spend it! Today is full of your precious moments! Others want you to use them for their agenda, and maybe you'll decide to share your resources, but it's your choice. What matters to you most? Schedule at least 5 minutes a day to fully live in that reality, so you remember what's yours." - Marilyn McLeod


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Marilyn McLeod

  • CEO, Global Mindset Leadership, Inc.
  • Author & Coach
  • 30+ years as a coach
  • Author of 15+ books
  • Helped 18+ professionals & families publish their books
  • 16 years experience online marketing
  • Publisher, La Costa Neighbors community magazine
  • Publisher, Consider the Possibilities digital magazine



1/2 hour coaching session:


1 hour coaching session:





"Marilyn is a talented, smart, sincere and wonderful person! I have known Marilyn for many years in various roles. I have known her to be very intent on being of great value. She gives high service and support for her clients. She has helped me in a coaching role, in my book launch and in general networking connections. I highly recommend Marilyn for a role in working with leaders to get to the next level with projects or in their businesses."

Steve Rodgers
Business and LifeStyle Consultant, Coach, Author
International Speaker at Alchemy Advisors


"I am moved to provide the highest recommendation for Marilyn...Along with her great technical job in developing my site, Marilyn has been a pleasure to work with.

"Marilyn recently managed a coaching engagement with four very senior executives in a 'Fortune 500' client of mine. She did a wonderful job of managing the work of coaches involved - and coordinating the project. The end result was positive, long-term change in behavior for the client executives - and a very positive experience for the coaches!

Along with her great technical job in developing my site, Marilyn has been a pleasure to work with.

She has shown the highest integrity and has handled a couple of tough situations in a very professional way."

Marshall Goldsmith
Million-selling author of 33 books
World authority in helping successful leaders get even better


"Over the past 35 years, I have known and published many of the top consultants and executive coaches. More recently, at age 70, I have enjoyed being coached by a woman who has worked for 25 years with two of the top executive coaches, Marshall Goldsmith and Gary Ranker.

Marilyn brings a wealth of experience and proven tools and methodology to her coaching, and then adds her own special touch, including her amazing empathy, her ability to ask the right questions and listen deeply to understand.

She then explores options and draws out solutions, rather than simply prescribing canned remedies. Her one-on-one, customized and personalized coaching proves that she really cares about helping her clients make progress in areas that matter most to them in both the personal and professional domains of their lives.

I highly recommend Marilyn McLeod, an executive coach who knows how to develop authentic leadership excellence."

Ken Shelton, CEO
Executive Excellence, LLC
Ghost-writer for "7 Habits of Highly Effective People"


"Marilyn, I am very impressed with the work you are doing for my friend and long time business partner. Thank you for that. You are definitely a pro."

Jack M. Zufelt
Founder, "Mentor to Millions"
Speaker, Author, Consultant & Trainer

How many years have you been wanting to write your book?

Does it seem like a daunting or impossible task to you?

Do you have an idea for your topic?

We're here to help. From self-paced books and training, to group coaching and individual coaching ... you choose based on your own timeframe and budget.

If you're writing your book for business, consider these points:

  • You're building credibility as a subject matter expert with your book.
  • Who is your ideal prospect? What matters most to them? How do you want them to see you?
  • What matters most to you? If you're building your career, what type of work would you most enjoy doing day to day?

Other reasons to write your book:

  • You have an idea you'd like to convey to the world.
  • You want to leave a legacy.
  • You want to share stories with your grandchildren.
  • It's a fun, creative outlet for you.

You don't have to enjoy or even be able to write ... is that what's in your way? Use Dragon to speak your ideas, and ask someone else to do the editing. Or 'write' a book of creative photos or artwork that brings you pleasure. There are so many ways to express yourself through books.

What matters most to you?

Secrets of Self-Publishing Webinar & Group Coaching

Module 1: Platform

Week 1: My purpose in writing this book
Week 2: My audience & their needs
Week 3: How I want to be seen by my audience
Week 4: Marketing strategy to fit both my needs & theirs

Module 2: Productivity

Week 1: Do I love to write / hate to write?
Week 2: My style / my audience's style
Week 3: My best writing strategies & resources
Week 4: Creating my writing plan & follow up

Module 3: Promotion

Week 1: Online & offline options
Week 2: What's the best strategy for me?
Week 3: Planning my strategy
Week 4: Implementing my strategy

Module 4: Launch

Week 1: Launch options
Week 2: Pre-planning my launch
Week 3: Strategies to prepare for launch
Week 4: Implementation and follow up


$497/mo (cancel anytime with 30 days notice)
includes group coaching sessions



$4997/yr (save $967)
includes group coaching sessions

Do you prefer to do-it-yourself or just hand it over to someone else to do it for you?

We offer webinars & group coaching if you want to learn yourself.

And we have social media experts to help you create a strategic social media campaign, and do the day-to-day work for you.

Our basic package includes a basic presence and regular posts for Twitter and Facebook. We have separate programs for LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and WordPress. And we can customize a package for you if you want more than a basic presence.

Social Media Strategy Webinar & Group Coaching

***Invite your team!***

Module 1: Taking Inventory

Week 1: What product line do you want to promote? Why?
Week 2: Who are the natural customers for this product line? Where are they online, and what do they want and need?
Week 3: How do your offerings align with your target customers? How could you tweak your offerings or your intended customers to improve the alignment?
Week 4: Who are the customers of your target customers? How can your products make your target customers more attractive to their customers?

Module 2: Social Media Planning

Week 1: Which social media platforms are you currently using? How?
Week 2: Which social media platforms are your target customers using? How?
Week 3: How can you improve your social media efforts with what your target customers respond to?
Week 4: How can you plan your efforts so you're consistent, and keeping on top of how your customers evolve?

Module 3: How to Use Basic Social Media

Week 1: Facebook
Week 2: Twitter
Week 3: LinkedIn
Week 4: Instagram

Module 4: Going Deeper

Week 1: Facebook
Week 2: Twitter
Week 3: LinkedIn
Week 4: Instagram


$497 (cancel anytime with 30 days notice)
includes group coaching sessions



$4997/yr (save $967)
includes group coaching sessions

Entrepreneur Strong Start Webinar & Group Coaching

***Invite your team!***

Module 1: Platform

Week 1: My IP & my why
Week 2: My audience & their needs
Week 3: My offering & my needs
Week 4: Marketing strategy to fit both

Module 2: Resources & Planning

Week 1: Know my resources
Week 2: Know resources I need
Week 3: Finding the right resources
Week 4: Resource strategy

Module 3: Project Management

Week 1: Waterfall or Agile?
Week 2: Planning the project
Week 3: Managing the project
Week 4: Evaluating progress

Module 4: Being Profitable

Week 1: Money management tools
Week 2: Measuring ROI
Week 3: Financial balance sheet
Week 4: Energy balance sheet


$497/mo (cancel anytime with 30 days notice)
includes group coaching sessions



$4997/yr (save $967)
includes group coaching sessions